Food quick thawing plate

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Thawing plate - comparison of thawing plate with other thawing methods

1. The speed of thawing using the quick thawing plate is 5.6 times that of the ordinary ceramic ware. Note: The ceramic ware is thawed for about 91 minutes and the thawing plate is thawed for about 16 minutes.

2, through the rapid thawing plate thawing can lock the nutrients and gravy in the meat, reduce the juice overflowing when the food is thawed, and retain the delicious.

3, easy to clean! The special process makes the thawing plate easy to clean and does not stick to oil.
Easy to use, energy saving and environmental protection! No additional investment is required to save water and electricity.

Product Name: Square Thaw Plate
Product material: aluminum
Product Size:
S: 23*16.5*0.2cm, 210G
M: 29.5*20.5*0.2cm, 320G
L: 35.5*20.5*0.2cm, 350G

package includes:

Thawing plate